Welcome to Trinity by the Sea


As members of the Body of Christ, we seek to be a spiritual and charitable resource of God’s love.

Trinity by the Sea is a welcoming, family friendly church made up of honest people who come together to worship God. We seek to participate in the work the Holy Spirit and in the world around us. From our Sunday gatherings, we go out into the world to share God’s love and carry the Good News of Christ with us.

 Rev. J. James Derkits; Vicar, Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, TX

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Have we got a job for you! New Teachers and Assistants needed.

If you like working with young children we have a job for you!  Come join our family at Trinity Day School. 433 Trojan Street behind the Episcopal Church.  Apply in person or send your resume to Trinitybytheseadayschool@gmail.com.  Minimum qualifications are 18 years of age and High School Diploma.  Training will be provided upon hire including a background and fingerprint check.playground or chapel

Following Jesus: An Invitation to Discipleship

CarterChapelProcessionThe “Following Jesus Series” is a daily podcast you listen to at home on your own. Our Bible Studies will discuss some of the questions each week. You can also invite friends into discussion on your own (or invite James to participate as well!) This is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus, and consider how to take your own discipleship to a new level. Take a quick listen and see where you are led!


Holy Saturday and Easter Services

the_passionSaturday: Flowering the Church 9:45-noon
Holy Saturday Service at 9:30 a.m.

Saturday Night

Phos: Lighting the New Fire at Carter Chapel 7:30 pm
Easter Vigil: Eucharist and Baptism at 8:00 pm

Easter Sunday Morning
Sunrise Service at Roberts Pavillion 7:00 a.m.
Normal Service Times at Trinity: 9 & 11 a.m.

Easter Egg Hunt for Children following 11 o’clock service!

Diocesan Council

TBTS Diocesan Council delegates

TBTS Diocesan Council delegates

Diocesan Council is the annual family reunion of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of West Texas. Your delegates this year were Del Welborn, Suzanna Reeder and Walt Kleine. Take a look at some of the videos. I especially commend the Bishop’s Address and The Rev. Becca Stevens’ video.

We will be having conversations about the topics of Diocesan council during the Sunday 10:10 “In Between” time. Walt, Suzanna, Del and I will be guiding the conversation and considering how to respond to Diocesan Council and Strengthen our ties to the wider church.